Avoiding Craigslist Identity Scams

With the bad state of the economy and desperate attitude of millions of Americans desperately trying to find a job, more and more people are turning to the internet to find something to substantiate their income.  Craigslist.com is once such source in which to post and find jobs, but unfortunately is also full of fraudulent entries designed only to take advantage of you by getting you to give out some vital piece of information by accident.  Identity thieves now use Craigslist fairly commonly as a resource to lure anybody looking for a job by getting you to give out your credit card number, or even too many details about your Paypal.com account.

The main things you can do to protect yourself involve common sense to a large degree.  You want to avoid practically anybody that comes to you when looking for a job, because any email you receive soliciting employment from a company that you never expressed interest in is going to be a scam 90% of the time.  Especially using a resource like Craigslist.  The problem is that Craigslist has no requirements on verification to protect users from fraudulent entries, a growing problem that Craigslist has even acknowledged by admitting fraudulent entries have risen around 70% in the last year.

Also concerning Craigslist, you want to avoid giving out really any personal information beyond your first name and your email address, even when you’re attempting to apply for a job.  That way you ensure at least to some degree that you can avoid giving the wrong people enough info to scam you.  Giving as little information over the internet as possible is always key when it comes to anything, but especially job hunting.  Use common sense and you should come out on top.

No employer would ever ask for personal information like a credit card number, or excessive information regarding your Paypal account.

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