Why Do You Need a Strong Password?

Password hacking is the most basic thing an identity thief will attempt, and they start with guessing the right password. They also attempt to hack your password by using your personal data known to them. We call it reverse social engineering. This is the reason why I suggest not sharing any personal details with online acquaintances until you are confident about the person you are talking to.

Many hackers attempt to build rapport before they ask for any personal detail. This way they increase their strike rate, and their victims never understand what they are up to until the damage is already done.

The question is how to deal it? Should you or should not you trust your online friends?

Well, this is thin line to walk, but there is way around it.

  1. Do not keep your password easy enough to be guessed.
  2. Keep some personal details, particularly those asked while creating a profile hidden from everyone.
  3. Do not use same password for every account.
  4. Develop a personal password algorithm (I will talk about it in next article).

A strong password virtually guarantees your safety on the Internet, and a weak password makes you vulnerable for everyone. Even a newbie hacker can use brute force mechanism and wipe all your personal details.

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